A little more about me, The Creator.

Hey Guys! Thanks for visiting my shop! I wanted to introduce myself a little more personally as I launch a long time coming, dream endeavor, that is Moonlitswami.com.

My name is Nicole Garcia. I am a “left coast” San Diego native, transplanted East to Wilmington NC. Trading up CA’s bluffs, caverns, tidepools, and mountains majesty; for marshes, fossil laden barrier islands, battlefields, and that sweet Carolina blue.

No regrets. 

Early in adolescence, A love for all things natural rooted into me. At age four I would spend hours  making dolls out of sticks, flowers, leaves, vines and anything else calling me from my Grandmother’s garden. The home she created would become my sanctuary for many years, and still remains as my mental retreat. A desire to create beautiful things to adorn my parts captivated my interest not long thereafter. Maybe it was an only child thing? A girl thing? I must have been seven.

Years pass. Constant evolution driving my work as I hike/paddle to discover fresh inspiration in the forgotten gemmy facets of time. The Cape Fear River’s black water has officially stolen my heart. Solitude, Light, Shadow, Texture, Heat, Salt on my lips, the Crackling of mussels and crabs, they all play a part in my design ascetic.

I have no formal training. Completely self taught. Just an eye for proportion, fit, drape, and a desire to see my dreams come to life.

My jewelry consists of fossils, minerals, crystals, and found items (bone, shell, driftwood,etc). Most of the chain I use throughout my work is upcycled from various sources. Deconstruction/Reconstruction, a driving force. I enjoy working with gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, gunmetal, and vintage. Often times mixing many of these elements into single pieces.  The solder I use thoughout my work is a lead-free, silver and tin alloy blend. It should be cared for as you would sterling, and polished as such. Thanks for taking the time to begin to know me!  I hope my work speaks to you. Special orders will always be considered. Be well